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Monday, July 25, 2011

Demolition Days!

Oh wow! What a delightful disaster the store is right now. The contractor and his crew have swooped in and been having a grown man's dream of a time....demolishing walls, tearing down ceilings, ripping up flooring.... There are wires and lights hanging everywhere and the place looks a mess and yet, I love it!! With the walls torn down, I can really begin to see it more clearly. I sat in the space for 2 hours last night, alone, in the quiet and visualized it. Piece by piece they came into focus...what fixture will go where...what fun products will get to play on them....where the checkout counter will go....where we'll sit and read stories and laugh together.....where the window displays will go.... wow. Someone really needs to pinch me as I feel like the luckiest lady right now. I'm totally buried in my to do list and yet wake with a bounce and a smile and can't wait to get to work.

Lily is having fun circling things in catalogs she wants me to get "one for the store and one for our house." She has planned where she wants her desk to go in my office. She is such a great little helper. Nicholas wishes he were old enough to help with the demo part which I'm sure he'd be a pro at. It's going to be fun to have them with me at the store once we get opened and settled into some routines. For now, we are making the most of the few days we have left together before they both start full time child care. I'll miss them but am very ready to return to a more traditional working schedule. They will have a great time with the 2 great child care providers I found. Nicholas went to visit for the first time last week and didn't fuss a second when I left and wasn't ready to leave when I came back. Moms always have a harder time than they do, don't they?

Ordering..um...yeah...I've gotten a few more done and am totally determined to get the rest knocked out this week. I have stacks and stacks of folders with catalogs and orders forms around the floor by my desk and it's time for them to be ordered and refiled. I will...I will...I will....

Meanwhile, the contractor says he'll be painting this week, laying the flooring Saturday (sooooo excited about seeing the vinyl grass flooring I've picked out!) and we'll install fixtures next week. Will all the Border's fixtures fit? Stay tuned to see and possibly pick up the extras for your projects! Fastest way to get the news now is to become a Fan on Facebook of My Toy Garden. Pics of the demo are there along with some great conversations! Come join the fun!!


  1. Pretty darn exciting. Lets see some pictures.

  2. Pics are yet to be downloaded off my Iphone. :-) There are pics on the Facebook page though if you want to pop over there!