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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Can July please slow down....

Alright, the days are flying by much too fast! I feel like one of those circus performers who tries to spin a dozen plates on the end of a dozen spindly poles. I'm loving every minute of it and am happy when I get one plate spinning after the other. Some are bound to hit the ground but that's as expected. One plate bouncing to the ground this week is our build out start date. I was originally hoping to be in on Monday of this week but that changed to Monday of next week and now that is literally up in the air. The property where we are leasing is changing owners and the closing date keeps getting bumped. No closing = no keys = no buildout happening. Closing is scheduled for this Friday. Please visualize with me that this date sticks and we get in there next week. I can't wait to start tearing things apart AND moving the growing pile of things out of my house!

Another falling plate is my inventory orders. Dang...what a huge puzzle! I have over 250 catalogs now each with their own language and reps to answer questions and cryptic price sheets. I'm slowing figuring it out and while super excited to have such a mountain of great choices, it's a tad overwhelming too. Thank you to those who have come for playgroups to look at catalogs and give you input! Tis much appreciated! I'm determined to stay chained to my desk tonight until I'm ready to start cranking out orders tomorrow. What a sad problem to have money to spend and have a hard time starting to spend it right? :-)

One plate that is happily spinning away is the logo....sooo excited about this one! It is completely finished and I'm just waiting for my graphic designer to send me the files so I can share it with you. It's exactly what I envisioned....perfect! Meanwhile, I'm working on several other pieces from Quickbooks...yikes..., credit card processing, insurance, POS system, phone system for the store...oh, got the new store phone #....317-571-1234....love it!!! Off to tackle the how to order inventory system so I can go to bed eventually.....must spend money...must spend money...must spend money.... what a fun adventure I'm on!

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