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Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's getting colorful in here!

Here are some of my favorite before and after pics of the buildout. I am loving the colors I picked out....Daffodil yellow, Beyond Blue and Electric Lime. Buildout has gone very smoothly so far with the exception of finding a tangle of electrical wires in the ceiling that had to be sorted out. My contractors, Jon and Carl, have been amazing to work with and I'd highly recommend them! The new colors are bringing lots of window peekers. :-)

The floor is also installed as of last night and it looks amazing! You won't believe you're not walking on real grass. I'll post pics of that next. Tomorrow I work with the movers to move all the fixture over to the store. Monday I start work on the mural for the arches with my friend Marta and then a week from Monday the first UPS delivery of boxes and boxes of toys arrives! Wahoo!! We are still on track for a Sept. 10 opening. I'll need volunteers that day to help everything go smoothly. Please email me at toyladyjanet@gmail.com if you are interested. I'm also looking for a great face painter too.

Ordering is still a work in progress but many more pieces have been clicked into place including dolls, trains and many adorable art kits. I've also orders some quirky impulse items like bacon bandaids, refrigerator mustaches and brain gelatin molds. What a fun job! Most orders to come this weekend with a goal to have 99% placed by Monday.

I also installed the POS (Point of Sale) system this week and am beginning to learn that new language along with beginning to learn Quickbooks. This is definitely the biggest project I've ever tackled but I'm ready! Bring on the fun! Bring on the work! Bring on the joy! I'm so happy to have so many of you already following the adventure on Facebook fan page... THE place for quick updates, free gift certificates and have a say in some decisions I'm making. Hop on over and join the many fans already there! Thanks for your support and excitement!

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