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Monday, July 18, 2011

Keys..glorious keys!

Oh what a happy thing a little key can be! I now have in my possession a key to the front door of our future...literally. How exciting and scary and so many emotions wrapped in one. Lily and I met Jon our contractor at the store today to mark the walls that will be coming down this week. What a big difference it'll make to open up the space...can't wait to see and show you pics! We had a few minutes to wait after Jon left and before Chris the sign guy came so we played fox in a hollow in some builtin cabinets and then hide and seek running and filling the new space with laughter already. All is as it should be. Life is good. Very, very good!

Other news, the logo is done! I'll post a pic next for you to see. I love it!!! The POS system is about to be ordered and my first Mac purchase for a cash register is coming soon. Need to clean my computer a bit and install Quickbooks. Any QB pros out there who want to help with that? :-) I started the My Toy Garden Facebook page and got 86 fans in the first 24 hours..wow! Soooo thankful for all the support from everyone!

Ordering is coming slower than I'd like. I have 2 days planned to sit down this week and knock several more out. Who knew spending money could be so hard? Struggling with decision about what trains to get....what dolls...what puzzles? Sooo many great choices! Dress up clothes are almost done with some adorable fairy outfits on their way with sparkly silver shoes. Dress up clothes for boys too with firefighters, pirates and reversible capes with knight on one side and a dragon on the other. Adorable!! Please join the FB page to have a say in other items to be ordered in the next 2 weeks!

Off to the races now..well, actually bed... Tomorrow is a new chapter in the adventure!

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