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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Someplace New and Someplace Near the Water

Dear My Toy Garden Friends,
It happens every year. Sometimes on a grand scale and sometimes in my own local backyard. Someplace new and someplace near the water. This year as my birthday drew near, I once again felt the pull to water. Perhaps in my previous life I was a mermaid. This year, as I got in my car after storytime, I had only an inkling of where I was headed. Eagle Creek Park. I had been there for this annual tradition two years before and enjoyed such a wonderful day. The rules are though...someplace new. No going back to Lilly Lake this year and napping under the branches. No exploring the Nature Center and the gifts tucked inside. Someplace new. But where? I turned the key and then the steering wheel and headed to water.
I decided to wander along the eastern side of the reservoir. Right turn after right turn landed me in cul-de-sac after cul-de-sac. I saw many beautiful homes but no place with access to the water. I persisted and felt a possibility was near by. Around a bend and poof! A private beach complete with tiki hut, sailboats, sea shells and birds beckoned. Perfect!
I hiked down to the shore, perched atop a sailboat and sat. Just sat for 15 minutes listening to the waves lap the rocks, bird calling to one another and fish splash. It is quite hard to sit still for 15 minutes but, oh so worthwhile! My mind quieted as I reflected on the year past and the year ahead. My favorite moment of the year. I spent the next hour wandering the coastline spelling my name in sea grass, balancing on driftwood and being. Just being.
I do this each year for many reasons. The greatest of which is to fill my cup. We pull and pull from our energy sources each day with all the many hats we wear. We need to be mindful to take time to fill the tank back up again. I created My Toy Garden to help families do just that. Play. Connect. Fill the Cup. When will you be stopping by to fill yours? We look forward to helping you!

Toylady Janet

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