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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Husband Would Have Loved This Store

Dear My Toy Garden Friends,
As I walked by her on Saturday, her eyes caught mine. She turned to face me, grabbed both of my hands gently and a tear began to swell in the corner of her eye. "Are you the owner?," she asked.
"I am," I replied.
"Thank you." She paused while the tear in her eye grew. "I just had to tell you how much I look forward to your newsletters each week. They touch my heart. I recently lost my husband and he would have loved your store. He was a big kid and loved to play. Your store is full of all the classic toys he enjoyed. You have created such a place of warmth and love here. He would have.....he would have loved it."
That conversation with Peggy...thank you Peggy for sharing your heart with me...are the moments when I think, "Yes! People understand that my vision for the store is to be so much more than just a place that sells toys." Our birthday party last Saturday was definite confirmation that you get that...you really get that. Thank you! Over 200 of you came to play with us and enjoy this special day. What a crazy, fun, amazing, stupendous day filled with love it was!! Below are a few moments I've captured in the camera of my memory that I want to hold onto forever.... Thank you for coming. For Sharing. For supporting. For loving us, yourselves and one another. Here's to many more years of making a difference!
  • The picture below is some of the treasures that were brought with small hands and big smiles....gladiolas picked from the garden....tissue paper flowers bursting from the perfect glass jar vase...a pipe cleaner butterfly Skribble loves....fresh baked cookies with a chocolate "1" on top ...cards from friends who know I love a good quote...all things that warm my heart.
  • Ruditoonz...oh how I love to see the pure joy on his face when he performs and how I love to see the kids dancing away to Yellow YoYo and other favorites. Thank you for being part of our celebration!
  • Fun with Frannie transformed kids into princesses, pirates, dogs and more with her facepainting talents that kept her fingers flying for the two hours she was here. Thank you Jane!
  • Painted faces led to cheesy photos in the My Toy Garden photo booth. We have copies of all the pictures...oh my! Watch for them to be displayed in the store very soon. Love the child it brought out in everyone! Thank you Bigzy's Photo Booth!
  • Music is such a powerful medium...music from the voices of children is truly heaven sent. CYT (Christian Youth Theater) performed for us in the afternoon and swept us all away on a roller coaster of emotions that true talent can do. Thank you CYT! Do check out their theater classes and shows!
  • Last, the staff and I all predicted what the day's sales were. We clicked and the computer whirred and....whoa! The total was 25% over what we guessed! I happily went to my office and wrote a check for 20% of the sales, handed it to my daughter Lily and we drove to the Ash house. Lily handed the check to Tracy who was surprised by the total and so appreciative. We chatted and our girls played together on a beautiful September day. So very much to be thankful for. Thank you for helping make a dream come true!
Toylady Janet

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