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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Junk, Junk, We Want Junk!

Dear My Toy Garden Friends,

    Are you one of the over 3 million viewers who have fallen in love with a 9-year-old boy named Caine?   The story starts with a man in East LA looking for a door handle for his old car who stumbles across an auto parts store with magic inside.  Inside, he meets Caine and Caine's arcade.  This little miracle of a child spends many, many hours at his father's business.  Instead of pouting about how bored he is and begging to play on his Dad's Ipad, this little miracle boy takes what he has around him and creates magic.  What he has a lot of is...cardboard!
      One arcade game grows to two and then three and then the whole front of the store is a full blown arcade including soccer, basketball, skeeball and a Crane game.  All made from cardboard and the imagination of a little boy.  He has thought of every thing!  Fun Passes that have security codes on them.  How to have the winning tickets pop out for the winner.  How to stock the toy gallery with goodies for the winner to pick from.  Everything.  The only thing missing is customers.  Day after day, Caine invites passerbys to play and day after day no one plays.  His positive attitude never waivers.  One day, a film maker, in search of a door knob for his car, stops by and becomes customer #1.  The short film he made a year ago about a flash mob of customers he arranged for Caine's Arcade went viral and now has over 3 million views.  You don't want to miss out do you?  Click here to see what all the excitement is about.
    This short video has inspired cardboard creativity across the world and My Toy Garden is bringing that excitement to Carmel, Indiana!   We invite you to create!  Children create.  Adults and children create.  Adults on their own create.  Everyone!  Snap a photo of your work, post a picture on our Facebook page and 3 creators will win a pair of tickets to the Palladium's Nov. 2 production of The Royal Drummers of Burundi!  And...you will have your winning creation on display in the Palladium lobby before the show to inspire others to create as well!  Families can enter!  Teachers can invite their students to enter!  Everyone is invited! Forward this newsletter to your friends!  What a fun girl's night out that could be!
    As part of this celebration, we'll be hosting three free in store events - Pizza Box Maze Day on Sat. Oct. 13 and Create a Cardboard Concert on Fri. Oct. 19.  Last, on Sat. Nov. 10, as part of Neighborhood Toy Store Day, we'll create in Santa's Cardboard Workshop!
     So..we have lots of cardboard you can use but WE NEED YOUR JUNK!!  Oatmeal containers, paper towel tubes, bottle tops, butter tub libs, odd toy parts, bread twists, scraps of whatever, we want it!! We have a bucket at the store ready for your junk!!!  The more we have the more creating we'll do in store!  Ready? Set? Create!  We can't wait to hear about what project you are working on!
Toylady Janet

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