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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crackers in My Pantyhose

     In a time not so long ago, the conversation went like this.  "First, please put these crackers in this baggie and mush them up.  Good! Let's throw them in this blender and add a little water.  Definitely helping now.  Hmm...let's add some green and red food coloring for some enzyme action.  Now we'll really break things down with a good whirl in the blender.  What's next? Oh yeah, time for a long journey for the crackers.  Let's pour them into these pantyhose and who can help me squeeze, squeeze, squeeze them on their way."
   "Ewwww!"  would always come the cries from my class.  Teaching the digestive system was one of my favorite units.  The students while protesting one moment and giggling the next would help me send the crackers through our pretend large intestine and out into a wet plop at the end.  The role of their teeth, tongues, saliva, stomach, digestive enzymes and intestines etched in their memories in a way no book passage ever could.
  Science, what an amazing world of wonders it holds!  I used to run a K-5 science lab in my pre mommy days and loved it!  My goal was to give boys AND girls access to the wonder that was all around them. To bring to life the nonfiction books and science passages.  A recent conversation with a customer was about how, as a child, she went to summer school and made a pond.  Literally made a pond.  Dug it out and filled it. Learning about the plants and animals needed for a healthy ecosystem.  Memories very vivid for her to this day.
   This is the kind of play My Toy Garden encourages.  We have many great inspiration pieces in our science section that can turn a seed into a world of questions and observations that are way, way more fun than any app out there!  There is the new Root Viewer, Butterfly Hatching Kits, Squishy Brain, Yuck Buckets, Science Behind Magic Tricks and some great Magic School Bus kits from volcanos and dinosaurs to flight and space.  You haven't done any science with your child?  Don't miss this Pathway of Wonder to see if there might be hidden talents and interests just waiting to be discovered!  See you in the garden very soon!

Toylady Janet

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