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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Boy Who Almost Wasn't

  Kristy was excited about the days and months ahead!  She had a terrific husband who she was moving into a new dream house with.   Hannah, her 18-month-old, was adorable and everything a toddler could be.  Kristy was also expecting their 2nd child...a son...Mason. 
      All was great for the first 24 weeks until Kristy had pre term labor sending her to the doctor's office.  There he told them that they could have a procedure to stop the labor and keep it at bay for several weeks.  "It won't really matter though," he continued.  "The fetus has suffered a Stage 4 stroke and is severely brain damaged.  He will probably not live and, if he does, he'll most likely be totally noncommuicative and immobile."  Words a parent hears in their worst nightmares.  
    Kristy and her husband decided to follow their instincts and let the pregnancy take its natural course believing that things would be okay.  After 3 months of complete bedrest, Mason arrived.  As the doctor's has predicted, he was on complete life support unable to breathe.   Kristy and her husband still did not give up hope.  At two weeks old, Mason suddenly began to respond.  He was taken off all of the life support equipment and came home soon after.  
    That was 5 years ago.  Doctors will tell you that Mason is missing part of his brain. That there is no way he should be able to talk, to read, to walk.   He does all those things and so much more!  He is a kindergartener in Westfield, is right on target with his peers academically, got in trouble for "running" down the hallway and plays baseball.  When you believe that life is impossible, think of Mason and how this impossible boy is, oh so very full of...possibilities!  
Toylady Janet

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