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Monday, April 23, 2012

In My Daughter's Eyes

Dear My Toy Garden friends!
     This week I have a treat from you!  A blog from a friend of mine who I used to teach with in Atlanta.  I loved what she had to say and had to share!  Enjoy!
   Ellie writes, "I’m the mother of a beautiful, busy 16 month old.  Everyday SG is trying to do new things and she amazes me each day!  I’ve recently noticed something- something that has made me stop and think.  SG is becoming my little copycat.  She does what I do and she sounds exactly like me!  Sweet, but kind of terrifying.  I’ll explain.
At first when SG said “Yeah” we thought it was the cutest thing in the world.  And then she started saying  “Uh-huh” and “Mm-hmm”.  We cooed and cheered and she used it even more.  Then I tried to get her to say yes and please and it was a no go.  Just yeah, mm-hmm, and uh-huh.  I was puzzled.  My sweet baby refused to say please!  Then one day while talking to the Huzz, I caught myself saying yeah.  Over the next few weeks, I realized I say yeah, uh-huh, and mm-hmm A LOT.  Confession time:  I also realized I hardly ever say yes or please!  How terrible!  Oh, I ask nicely.  I promise I do.  I just forget to say please.  So how can I expect SG to do something I’m not modeling for her?  This has really made me think.  I’m now trying to say please and yes (or because of my Southern roots, yes m’am).
It’s made me think about other things- mainly the way I react to things.  I tend to overreact or screech or just be too loud.  I don’t want SG to pick up my bad habits so I’m trying to be a better example for her.
Not everything she’s picked up from me is “bad”- that isn’t the intention of this post.  But she is a very accurate mirror for me.  She does sweet little things as well- gives lots of hugs and sweet little kisses throughout the day.  She tries to mimic the way I brush my teeth as she attempts to move her tiny hand with her Elmo toothbrush across her little teeth.  She says “Amen!” when we finish praying together.  She pats my back while giving me hugs…all things I do to her, in front of her, or for her.
Whenever I wash my hands, wherever she is, she stops and rubs her little hands together while giving me the biggest cheesy grin in the world.  My baby girl is watching me.  I want to be a good mother, a Godly mother, to my child.  I’m thankful that she has made me reflect on my ways, be they good or bad.  And here’s hoping they are good!
Have you seen yourself mirrored in your children?  Was what you saw in them what you expected to see?  I’d love to hear your stories.  Please share!"
   Can you relate?  I know I can!  Please visit her blog and share your thoughts!

Toylady Janet

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