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Monday, May 23, 2011

Puzzles and Locations

Is it possible to move at a lightning pace and a snail pace? Seems to be we've got a foot in both worlds. Somethings are going fast like securing a mountain of fixtures for the store from Borders. We so appreciate those that came to help! Thanks Charity, Mary and Stan! We spent 10 hours a week ago Sunday taking things apart, another 2 hours Monday. Tuesday we spent 5 hours working with movers to fill 2 10x 20 storage units with goodies. I watched them unload into the 2nd unit whispering please let it fit...please let it fit and was tickled when the last bookcase clicked into the very last spot perfectly! It was like putting the last piece in a 1,000 piece puzzle....fabulous! I can't wait to get them out and start setting them up and filling them with all kinds of fun things!

The logo is in the works with a great conversation with my logo designer last week. Can't wait to see what she comes up with!

I met with my first toy rep last week who brought me goodies and candy. Something I think I can get used to. :-) I definitely see that I will need to do my research about what companies I will order from and not rely on my rep for totally accurate info. I've decided that learning about toy companies and products is like learning Latin. A tad overwhelming and confusing at first but with one new word and one new phrase, it begins to make more sense very slowly.

Two big tasks on my plate at the moment....1) Finding a great childcare for Nicholas starting in August. Anyone know of a great place in Carmel, let me know! 2) Making a final decision on location. After a few frustrating conversations with the leasing agent at our first choice place, I decided to look at options again. I did end up finding a great possible other location that might come available June 1. I need to get the lease signed very soon so we can close on our loan but am at a standstill until the first with it. What will be will be and I'm working to be patient and listen to what path is best for us. Will it be Choice A in a popular shopping center near a Panera Bread and visible only from the parking lot in the center? Or Choice B on the north side of the same shopping center with great street visibility and 200 sq ft larger? Alot depends on the leasing agent and how flexible they are willing to be. Decisions, decisions, decisions...... Loving every minute though!

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  1. I'm excited for you to hear it's all coming together! How fun!