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Monday, May 2, 2011

Here a bank...there a bank...

I bought pantyhose...yep, time to dress like a grown up a bit and go meet the bankers. I met with two banks last week and got a very positive response to both the concept and the business plan itself from both banks. They felt I'd done my research well and communicated it well. Now to take it to their number crunchers and see if we can work together. Meanwhile, I have appointments with 4 more banks this week. I've made a list of all the lucky financial possibilities and am going to work through them until I find a yes. I know there's one out there and I'll keep looking behind trees and under rocks until I find it. Any and all positive thoughts that we find it sooner rather than later would be great!

I also had some fun last week and went to the Border's a mile south of our house and couldn't resist buying a few store fixtures that are being clearanced. They will be perfect for the store and I can't wait to get a definite yes from the bank and go get a few more! Love finding great deals like that! So sorry to see Border's go but good to know some of their fixtures will be loved in a very fun setting for years to come. Now to figure out how to snag a piece of that cool space carpet for my science corner...hmmm...

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