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Friday, June 10, 2011

Check, check, check and a Frenchman!

How much fun would it be if you found a catalog of products you loved and you called to get your very own copy of it and instead of them mailing you one, they sent a Frenchman to your house to not only deliver it but also bring all the games in it? That's just what happened to me this week! I love the Blue Orange games and can't wait to play them with you at My Toy Garden! I realized I did not have their catalog and emailed to get one. Instead of one appearing in my mailbox, I got a call from Francois saying he happened to be in the area and would love to come show me the games. Works for me! Francois was charming and sat under our wonderful shade tree in our backyard with Lily and I for over 2 hours playing all the games. I have to admit that I did have to translate for Lily quite abit. It was fun to see her puzzle over what he was trying to say sometimes. :-) Make sure to be there for our grand opening in September and meet Francois yourself. He believes he should be able to come back to join in the celebration.

The week was also full of other meetings with toy reps...a total of 16 hours looking at catalogs and playing with things. Such a tough part of the job....really is though...there are so many great choices and trying to keep track of what you saw where and who to order it from and how to order it is an organization challenge. I'm up for it! My Corley friends know how I whipped those science materials into shape, know I can do this too! It's been great meeting the toy reps and learning so much from them!

Biggest news of the week is that the two obstacles I was chomping on are done...wahoo!! I've found a delightful place for Nicholas to be loved on come August....Miss Sarah...will quickly become part of the family I suspect. Thanks Danielle for the introduction! I had no idea that was one of the reasons you came into my life!

The other one is...drum roll puhleeze.....we have a lease!! Wahoo! It's printed on my desk, signed and ready to deliver to the landlord Monday. The location we ended up with is on Carmel Drive just west of Keystone next to McNamara Floral. It's going to be perfect! I can't wait for my contractor to get in there and start working his magic! Opening in September is still on the plans. It's going to be a very busy July and August I suspect but so worth it!

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