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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toy Stores Small and HUGE!

Last week I had the great fun to visit 3 different toy stores and talk with the owners. I learned a ton and can see this vision coming more and more clear all the time! The first visit was to the Imagination Station in Franklin, IN. It is in a new location in an old bank and was absolutely charming. There were lots of fun activities to keep Lily and a friend busy. There was a steady stream of customers coming in and each was greeted warmly and taken very good care of by Julie, the owner.
The 2nd store was The Toy House in Jackson, MI...whoa!!! This one was HUGE! 16,000 sq feet of retail space and an amazing inventory selection! Phil, the owner, is 3rd generation to run the store and does an fabulous job. He clearly had many systems in place (oh, how I love systems!) that made the place run like clockwork. I've learned so much from Phil already and know there is much more to come.
The 3rd was The Genuine Toy Company in Plymouth, MI. Elle and Charles are in their 2nd year as toy owners and having such fun! Their store had a retro contemporary feel to it and had lots of games and puzzles. I used to teach in Plymouth so it was fun to go back to my old stomping ground a bit. I even got to visit at a favorite coffee shop with two good friends I'd not seen in over 15 years! Such fun!
It's fun to see how different all 3 stores were and how they were the same. Gives me lots of ideas! I sooooo appreciate the time and kindness of all the store owners I've spoken with in the last several weeks! I'm loving the sharing spirit of this new community and sooo enjoying being part of it!
I'm laser focused more than ever on getting the business plan done in the next week or so so we can get the financing in place next. There will be great opportunities for anyone interested in investing in a fun business! Stay tuned for more to come!

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