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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crunch Week

It is crunch week here wrapping up the details of the business plan and getting ready to start talking to financial people. My goal is to have the business plan done by Sunday and start getting the finances in place next week. If you have not already taken the market survey, please pop over and do that quickly as I'll be closing it in the next few days. I've been happily meeting with and learning about so many aspects of the business including logo design, website development, contractors, fixtures, signage, insurance policies, utility estimates, business consultants, CPAs, inventory vendors and so much more. It really is lots of fun to explore and I'm excited to get business plan done. I have found THE cutest vinyl flooring that looks like real grass! So cool! I plan to use it in the floor of the activities room where we'll do crafts, science experiments and host birthday parties. I'll also do some burlap trees like I made in my daughter's bedroom for a whimsical touch as well Sooo many ideas bursting in my head. How about this one.....

Playgroups for various parenting groups? I know as a SAHM it is hard to make friends that you have things in common with. I'm thinking maybe I'll host playgroups for various parenting groups....a Downs parents group, adoptive parents, holistic moms, parents of speech and hearing challenged children, etc.... I could do a story and fingerplays with the children while the parents visit and then they could use the activities room to socialize. What do you think? Would there be a need for that? I'd love to read your comments below!

I'm most nervous about getting the financial pieces together and will breath a deep breathe when I know that is in place. I know the money is out there somewhere and I know I can make this store a magical place for families and be profitable at the same time. There is soo much I'm ready to do and it's time to get this party officially started! If you or someone you know might be looking to invest in a fun adventure, let me know and I'll be happy to share the business plan with them when I'm done with it very soon!

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  1. Hey Janet!

    I love hearing about your adventure and I'm soooo excited for you.

    I think your idea of a playgroup for different sets of parents is great! Being able to have a place to go take the kids and hang out with other moms is a BIG reason I joined MOPS. And as a mom of a recently diagnosed ADD child, it would be nice to be able to find more moms in the area dealing with the same thing. And I know there are others out there like that too. Needing/wanting to find others that are "like them" and in the same situation.

    I love your ideas and can't wait to hear more about everything!

    Heart! Heart! Heart!

    Cara :)