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Friday, September 7, 2012

Those Frozen Moment in Time

Dear My Toy Garden Friends,
You are running late for work. You open the refrigerator door. Your hand reaches in and wraps around the orange juice carton. Your muscles flex and the carton lifts from the shelf. You pull it closer to you and you feel it slip from your hand. You watch as it falls in the floor suddenly caught in a slow motion camera of the eye. The corner hits the floor, dents and an ocean of orange juice gushes like a time elapsed photography lesson over the top and across the kitchen floor.
You know those moments when time seems to freeze? It happens with every day things like orange juice slipping from your hand. It happens with major things. This summer, the Ash family had one of those moments that has changed their lives forever. They were on vacation with their family...mom, dad and 3 adorable little girls. They were headed out for some fun. With a group, they crossed a street as a driver, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, impatiently waited. As they crossed past him, he hurried on his way. What he didn't realize was that Kendall, the 5-year-old, had lagged behind the group and her crossing put her right in his path. I'm sure it must have been one of those slow motion moments for her parents, Tracy and Mike. One in which you'd do anything to truly have it freeze completely so you could move your child to safety.
Kendall's journey of recovery has gone from critical care at DeVos hospital to inpatient at Riley to now returning home with lots of outpatient therapy and the daily worries of her parents, family and friends. She has now even begun her Kindergarten year, at the same school as my daughter, with 2 hours a day there. A long road still lies ahead for all of them. Please see the Care Pages link to learn more about her story and how you can support them with your prayers.
Please hug your children...
.....hold their hand as you cross the street or parking lot,
.....teach them to look right, left, right again before crossing
.....make sure they have helmets that fit and are worn correctly.
.....as you drive, be extra vigilant.

....slow down and be extra aware of your surroundings both for enjoyment and for safety. Teach your children the same.
I so admire her parents, Tracy and Mike Ash, as they work to balance all that has been handed them. I'm so thankful for the community of love that has surrounded them and prays for them. I'm honored to have an opportunity with the first My Toy Garden birthday party just ahead to give 20% of our sales that day to this special family to celebrate that Kendall is here to celebrate many more birthdays of her own and help ease a bit of the financial burden this experience has brought. Please join us and invite your friends to join us on Sat., Sept. 8 from 10-4 pm and help us help the Ash family. If you are not able to attend and would like to make a donation to the family, you may drop it off at the store anytime and we'll make sure they receive it. Thank you!
Toylady Janet

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