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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sitting in My Office With Tears in My Eyes

Dear My Toy Garden friends,

Oh my.   It really is as hard as they say it will be.  I tried to prepare myself.  I tried to savor the last few days but here I sit in the rubble of my office sniffing with a box of Kleenex close at hand.  My little girl is officially off to Kindergarten today.
     As the piles around my office will attest, my focus has been on treasuring the last few days with my sweet girl. We went back to school shopping and found a fabulous sparkly skirt for the first day of school, sniffed some perfume for a touch of fancy, dined together and went to see her first big girl movie, Brave.  Another day yesterday filled with State Fair fun, hugs, kisses and denial that the dawn would bring a major change for our family.
     The sun could not be stopped though and this morning, Daddy, little brother and I walked her across the street to school. She was giddy, prancing like a pony, about to be set free.  A smile on her face containing more excitement than a million dollar lottery ticket holder.  Her Mama's heart though was full of many emotions.  I was excited for her as well to have reached this major milestone. Sad for the time lost with her lounging in the morning connecting. Excited to have some one-on-one time with her little brother to connect with him more.  Nervous for the friends she will make and hope that she'll make good ones.  Cautious, as a veteran elementary teacher, and knowing the challenges that come with the job.  Happy to be part of a new community full of possibilities.
      One of the toughest parts of parenting is learning to let your children go.  To give them their wings and freedom to explore the world.  As much as we want to envelope our children in our embrace and promise them that no harm will ever come to them, we know that is not reality.  Life will lead them to times of great joy and great sadness.  Our job is to nudge them out of the nest from time to time to strengthen their wings so one day they will fly high and make positive changes in the world in their own way.
   My Toy Garden sells toys.  Yes, that's true.  We are so much more than selling toys though.  This is a place where you can come and be listened to, cared for, hugged and celebrated for the tough work you do!  Thank you for being part of our family and letting us be part of yours!  May this new school year be full of many blessings for each of you!

Toylady Janet


  1. You are an amazing writer. One thing I especially admire is the way you savor your children and all the delightful things they do. You savor them like good fried chicken that you need to lick your fingers after you eat a piece of it.

  2. Life is so full of challenges and wonderful joys! Oh how I remember the days that lead up to first days of school. I always had mixed feelings when they went. Pride in who they were and sorrow for not being able to be with them and protect them, and missing them! I so loved being with them. I have to say that time flys for real and my reward is the ten little grandchildren I now have to enjoy! God is good how he organizes our life. There is truly a circle of life for us as well. Enjoy where your at and know that another joy is yet to come later in life, grandmother! Loved reading your letter, brought back so many wonderful times with my 4. Love ya cuz. God Bless you and yours!