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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pregnant? With a Toy Store!

Pregnant? It was impossible. Surely the pain and symptoms I was experiencing were something else. You see, for 2 1/2 years we did darn near everything possible to have a baby to no avail. It just was not meant to be. We went on to adopt our two beautiful children who fill our days with joy and headaches. A third child was not in the plans and yet, somehow, someway, as miracles have a way of working, last January, I found that I had indeed gotten pregnant. This pregnancy though turned out to not lead to the birth of a child but instead to a birth of another sort....the birth of a long held dream...a business of our own...a toy store. My Toy Garden.
The story of My Toy Garden begins in an unusual way. It begins with a miscarriage. While such events have elements of sadness to them, this one has great joy as well. It was during a week of resting and healing that the tiny light bulb of an idea took root and began to grow. We had wanted to have our own business for a long time but had never found quite the right path. During that sad week, we knew what to do. Open our own neighborhood toy store. I remember the idea wafting to my thoughts and then electrifying itself like a marquee for all to see. This was it. The next pathway to follow.
The months that followed were full of doorways cascading open to help make the dream a reality. The right people, questions, answers, tools seemed to appear just I needed them. Obstacles would appear and then melt away. Literally 9 months from the day we decided to start the store, we celebrated the birth of our new creation. What a proud day!
We are so thankful to all who helped in this beginning in such a multitude of ways. For strangers and acquaintences who helped joined us for conversations helping research the why and how of the business plan. For friends who helped place orders, schlep boxes, unpack, sort, price and display items. For each of our dear customers who have added a sparkle to the space with your smiles, questions, laughter and repeat visits. Thank you!!! We had a fantastic opening and first holiday. The new year is going to be full of possibilities to get to know you more and how we can help make your life easier and making more and more new friends. We want My Toy Garden to be a part of the community. To be a place to learn, laugh, connect, be inspired. A place to make life easier and more meaningful. A place that makes a difference. Thank you for being part of this adventure! We love to hear your feedback and ideas! Please email us anytime at hello@mytoygarden.com or post a comment on our facebook page.
Happy New Year!!!!

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