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Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Toy Garden Makes Grown Woman Cry

"Have You Ever Had a Grown Woman Cry in your Store?" she asked.
Ellie continued, "I am freaking out in your store!" She had come by My Toy Garden one day last week to talk to me about her line of reusable ties, EvREwares, that I am bringing into the store. While waiting for me to be available, she wandered the store and found much more than she imagined. She exclaimed, "Have you ever had a grown woman cry in your store?" She went on to explain that her son was on the autism spectrum and how she had looked and looked for tools for him to use with little luck. The store she said was packed with things for special needs families AND at affordable prices.
It was definitely one of my most proud moments so far in the store! You see, I was a classroom teacher for 17 years working with children of all ages. Working with special needs families has been a passion of mine for a very long time. As I poured over catalogs over the summer shopping for just the right things, I looked for items that, on the surface, would just look like fun but to the eyes of a parent or teacher of special needs children, they'd see so much more. If these families can find items, they usually are very expensive. I knew I could help! Ellie saw this hidden layer....completely and fell in love with My Toy Garden! You will too!
She later posted this on our Facebook Fan page. " My son and I played with Zeebeez all night! This is THE best thing ever!!! It is perfect for the hidden purpose of strengthening his muscles. His hands are so sore today! Thanks for showing me this. It's AMAZING.
The Zeebeez have been a huge hit. Not only fun but great for building hand strength giving fine motor skills a huge boost! Know who loves it even more than the kids do? Grandparents! Arthritis begins to set in and Zeebeez is just the thing to help keep those hand muscles moving! You'll find Zeebeez in our Active Play Pathway of Wonder. One of seven areas at My Toy Garden to explore, be inspired by and make a difference for your family!
Toylady Janet Pillsbury

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