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Monday, October 10, 2011

My Toy Garden Breaks Up Families

From our first newsletter that came out last week.....for the full scoop, be sure to be added to our customer database and become a Facebook fan!

Does your family look like everyone elses?

"Let's break up the families!" I told my staff member Eileen. "I want you to take these doll house sets of familes we have and set them free." I had been looking at our shelf of dollhouse familes and thinking whose family really looks like these? Are all families all of the same color? Do they all have a mom, dad, boy and girl? I know I have many friends with all sorts of families and I suspect you do to. I want My Toy Garden to represent and welcome families of all types so we broke up the families. We opened up the boxes and introduced them to each other. On your next visit, please look for the teacup of families and enjoy choosing a family that looks just like yours whatever that may be!
Pretend play is so important for both boys and girls! Playing with people figurines allows them to mimic what they see and hear fostering problem solving and healthy expression of emotions. If your child is struggling with something, break out the figurines or stuffed animals and through play invite conversations to happen that might not happen otherwise. My counselor friends will tell you this is one of their best tools!
How culturally diverse are your child's toys? To broaden their understanding of the world, introduce them to various cultures through books and otther toys like our teapot family members. You'll find figurines and stuffed animals in our Creative Expression Pathway of Wonder. One of seven areas at My Toy Garden to explore, be inspired by and make a difference for your family!

Toylady Janet Pillsbury

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