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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Dangerous Tomato

Dear My Toy Garden friends,
Poor Nicholas. His rash was back again and even worse than before. A visit to our pediatrician made a tube of steroid cream appear but the rash to not disappear. I knew enough about health and the power of the human body to heal itself if allowed to at that point to know unless I found the root cause of the rash, it would not go away. We began to watch closely what he ate and discovered the rash seemed to be connected to dairy. Hmmph and yeah! We switched to almond mild...a very easy switch I must say... and the rash cleared a bit...but returned worse than ever. The back of his legs were raised, very itchy, bloody in spots where he could not stop scratching. More pondering and another discovery. The rash seemed to be connected to, of all odd things, tomatoes. Thankful for another non pharmaceutical solution, we eliminated tomatoes and the rash improved but would not go away. Why? We switched to a new pediatrician with a foot in the traditional medicine world and the holistic world who turned out to be a great detective. Tomatoes, she told us, were a member of a group of vegetables called Nightshades and included eggplant, potato, onion and green peppers. Green peppers? Nicholas loved green peppers and would eat them like apples. This is when I learned the craved food is often the source of trouble. After NAET testing and treatments (a subject for 6 more newsletters), we eliminated onions and green peppers as well and the rash faded away.
Based on this experience and the way my daughter's persistent ear infection disappeared once and for all with a gluten free diet, I'm absolutely convinced that nutrition is THE key to restoring health for many children. I'm super excited to have nutritionist Gina Montgomery joining us for a Parent Workshop this month! She'll be with us THIS THURSDAY from 6-7 pm!
I'm also very excited to have in stock, the book pictured below - Cure Your Child With Food by Kelly Dorfman, MS, LND. I've been gobbling it up since I grabbed a copy and am loving it! Tons of practical, well researched information and very helpful tips on what to do to help with a huge host of challenges including picky eating, reflux, stomachaches, ear infections, Constipation, Failure to Grow, Rashes, Sleeplessness, Mood Disorder, ADHD, SPD, Hyperactivity, Speech Delays and much more!
Are you doing your Power 10 each day to learn something new? This book and the topic of nutrition will reap you and your family lifelong benefits. Surely that is worth 10 minutes of time in your day! Stop by My Toy Garden anytime to chat and brainstorm together! Thank you for being part of the conversations that make a difference!
Toylady Janet

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