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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Power 10

Dear My Toy Garden friends!

     It's time once again.  It's so hard to do and yet I so look forward to it.  I park my car, grab my computer and walk across the parking lot.  I mentally rehearse the secret code.  I slip the key in the door and feel the lock click open.  The beeps begin increasing in pace as I quicken my pace and silence them.  My coat is hung from the hook, the office light turned on and there it is....my desk.  My desk which holds a mountain of tasks and a mountain of possibilities.    Running a toy store alongside being mom of 2 small children, as you can imagine, means my to do list gets a little insane at times.  The temptation when I first arrive each day is to roll up my sleeves and dive into the piles of tasks to be done.  But I don't.  I've something far more important to do.  My Power 10.
     I decided last summer that it was time for me.  Time to take care of myself.  To do things that feed my spirit and center me on what I value.  But how when the puppet strings of life tug this way and that?  The Power 10 began.
      Each morning when I've silenced the alarm and turn to my desk, the first thing I do is set my phone alarm timer for 10 minutes.  I open a book and read.  Totally focused....totally immersed...totally engaged for 10 minutes.  It's MY 10 minutes.  It took practice to ignore the tasks taunting me from all angles.  But now, it's a precious 10 minutes I so enjoy.  Do I do it every day?  Nope.  I miss some days.  Guess which days go more smoothly than others?  I've come to learn that 10 minutes sets the tone for much of the rest of my day. When I choose to pass on it, I find way more than 10 minutes of my day gets tangled in challenges.  When I stick to the Power 10 Plan, my day seems to go so much smoother.
   How about you?  Do you give yourself the joy of just 10 minutes of your day?  10 minutes to do something that blesses you mentally, spiritually, physically?  Do it and don't feel guilty for one minute of the precious 10.   You deserve it.  Start today to commit to that Power 10 once a day and then get crazy and maybe even do 2 Power 10's in one day!
    Ten minutes of truly focused time on a task will reenergize you and help you conquer challenges with ease.  What to do with your 10 minutes?  Here's a few ideas!  Feel free to add more of your own on our Facebook page?
1.  Read something that touches your spirit.
2.  Focus completely on your child.
3.  Focus completely on your spouse. Read something together each night.  Sure makes a difference for Tim and I!
4.  Stretch.
5.  Call a relative or friend to keep in touch.
6.  Tackle a big task in 10 minutes power focus chunks.  Goodbye overfull inbox! Goodbye cluttered closet or drawer!
7.  Do a craft or puzzle from My Toy Garden to release stress.
8.  Close your eyes and do absolutely nothing...my fav and one of my most powerful!

Hugs My Toy Garden friends!

Toylady Janet

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