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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things My Toy Garden friends whisper

Dear My Toy Garden friends!
It happens at least 3 x's a week. A customer pauses, averts their eyes to anywhere but my eyes and they confess. They always speak in hushed tones and hurry their words together. They inhale as they deliver the news. "I'm been to Toy Store X." they say. They feel as though they've somehow cheated on My Toy Garden by visiting and, oh my, purchasing something from another specialty store in the area.
My reply each time? "Great! Doesn't so and so have a great store?!" I do not perceive any of the other wonderful toy stores in the Indy area as competition. I see them as partners in the important work there is to be done in supporting families and building vibrant communities. I would love to see them all thrive and reach more families. I see the My Toy Garden competition much more in the big box stores and online sites like Amazon. Hmm...should I tell you how I really feel about Amazon? Nah, perhaps I'll leave it for another newsletter topic. All I'll say for now is I never, ever, never, ever, ever, ever shop on Amazon.com. Can't make me. Won't do it. Ever.
This Saturday is Small Business Saturday promoted by American Express and we are very excited to see this celebration growing every year! Small businesses make a huge difference in so very many ways and this week, we invite you to learn more AND we'll pay you to learn! As you know, we rarely offer coupons or discounts believing that our products are fairly priced as they are. So, if you're still reading...enjoy these 3 ways to save at My Toy Garden this holiday season!
1) Register your American Express card for Small Business Saturday. Once you register your card, you then go shop at a locally owned business that accepts American Express like My Toy Garden and spend at least $25! American Express will then credit $25 back on your statement within 6-8 weeks. Oh yeah! There are limited slots to register so grab one right now!
2) Shop at the other delightful specialty stores in the Indy Area! Pick out a few treasures and spend at least $20. When you show us your receipt dated from Nov. 23 - Dec. 16, we'll enter you in a drawing for one of 4 $40 gift certificates to My Toy Garden as our way of saying thank you for shopping local! 
Indy Area Toy Stores:
Earth Explorer Toys - Zionsville
For Kids Books and Toys - Zionsville
Imagination Station - Franklin
Kits and Kaboodles - Westfield
Mass Ave Toys - Downtown Indy
Mudsocks Books - Fishers
Wilbur's Lincolnwood Toys - Brownsburg
The Wild - Noblesville
3) Educate yourself about shopping local! Read any of the following articles, print off 1 page from any of them. Just one page, that's all. Any page from any of the articles below. You pick. That printed page will be your coupon for 20% off of any one item at My Toy Garden. You must have the printed page to receive the discount. Each small business purchase you make helps keep the local lights on!
Toylady Janet
Shop Local Articles:
Sustainable Connections - Why Shop Local?
Babble Blog - Where You Buy is as Important as What You Buy
Project 3/50 - A National Campaign we proudly support...why? Read on!
One Local Family - This blog is the adventures of a family who tried to shop only local for a full year. Great insights!

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