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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The First Piece of Loot

Dear My Toy Garden friends!
We had arrived at the perfect time. No lines. No crowds. We wandered past the halls of spiders. Past the bats. Past the tombstones. Around the corner, there. There. Perched on her pedestal an orange hair witch awaits, scratching her wart and beckoning us with her long fingernails. Dare we enter? Yes? Yes! Hard hats secured, we enter the Wicked Workshop of the Haunted House at the Children's Museum. A must on our annual Halloween tradition list!
The first stop gives us a bag to collect all our loot in and what is that prized first piece of loot in this holiday season of sugar and artificial colorings? What is the first item to hit the bottom of our goody bags? A toothbrush. Yep. A simple plastic wrapped toothbrush. I love the Children's Museum!!! I love that their core belief system centers on "creating experiences that have the power to transform the lives of children and families." The simple act of giving out a toothbrush first each year sends the message that Halloween can be fun without the pile of sugared treats so easy to amass this time of year. The loot continued with tattoos, stickers, fold and go car, coloring books and coupons to area businesses and, oh, 1 small bag of gummy treats. Love it!
What is in your bowl by the door this year? I invite you to try something new. Something that invites play rather then added obesity issues and lethargy. Below are a few ideas to get you brainstorming! Have more ideas? Please share them on our Facebook page!
1. Stickers - Glow in the Dark, Scratch and Sniff...lots to choose from!
2. Tattoos - We just got in Creepy Crawlies Tattoos that would be perfect for just such a use! How fun to scare your friends with a well placed spider on your face!

3. Origami - Pass out premade ones like the ones on this link or pass out colorful sheets of paper with simple directions for fun past day 1.

4. Bandaids - Everyone needs one sooner or later and why not have a laugh with a bacon bandaid? Or pirates? Or Unicorns?
5. Dot to Dots - Have you seen a dot-to-dot with 1400 dots? We have! My Toy Garden carries dot-to-dots from 1-10 to 1-1400! A fun surprise in a trick or treat bag!
6. Kazoos - Eerie music will follow the ghosts and goblins from house to house and won't rot their teeth.
7. Bubbles - small bottles of bubbles make a fun change and yep, you can find them at My Toy Garden! Try us before the dollar store!
8. If you do end up with buckets of candy at your house, start a tradition that children can leave it out for the Candy Witch. The Candy Witch comes on Halloween night and trades candy for money or a goodie from My Toy Garden! A win/win for you and them!
Do you have other ideas! Share away on our Facebook page!
Toylady Janet

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